Revolution in Education System or Develop and Grow Rich!

Develope and Grow Rich

From my education courses

“Who must you become in order to prosper and grow rich,
and how can you accomplish this?”
That’s not a typo – who must you become,
not what job you must take or where to find the money that will make you prosperous.

As we see it, this is the fundamental mistake of those who fail to
achieve success. They think that their quality of life depends
directly on their job and not the person they are.

We know that in any prosperous nation you will find lots of people
who just barely make ends meet.
There are also people in countries with low standard of living
who manage to prosper regardless of the hardships they’ve endured.

We know of thousands of examples of children who came
from the exact same background – be it affluent or impoverished – some of whom wound up poor while others prospered.

We’ve seen again and again how graduates
of the same school can either end up in the hole financially
or at the heights of financial success.

Revolution in Education System

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